Price Schedule Effective 01/01/10
Price Subject To Change

Wheelchair or Walk On
Scheduled Transport $45.00
Same Day Call In Transport $50.00
Weekends, or Holidays Scheduled Transport $65.00
After 5:00 pm Weekdays $65.00

Local Mileage Charge $1.35 a Mile
Mileage On Out Of  Town Trips--Call For Quotes
( For Out Of  Town Trips, there is a unloaded mileage charge of $.65 a mile from point of dispatch to point of pick up, or return unloaded mileage from point of pick-up to dispatch point).

Waiting time charge for out of town trips: First Hour Free-
$25.00 a hour, or partial hour, thereafter.

( Facility care provider or family member ride-along is no charge.)

Belongings : $15.00 (if more then 2 bags)

If transports are not canceled two hours prior to pick up time, half the amount of transport will be charged.

Medicare DOES NOT cover transports

Let Us
Loved Ones
If  you have a loved one in a nursing facility
or at home, that needs specialized transportation because they are in a wheelchair, or use a walker,
please give us a call.

We can take your loved ones to doctor appointments, dentist appointments, special occasions like weddings or showers, or maybe just for a trip home to visit.
Give us a call, we are here for you.